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Wax Melter Liners (10)

Wax Melter Liners (10)


Say goodbye to scraping and chipping away at hardened wax or dealing with difficult cleaning processes with your wax melter. Our liners fit seamlessly into your wax melter, capturing all the melted wax and preventing it from sticking to the melter's interior.


The liners fit most standard wax melters, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup. Simply place a liner in your melter tray, add your favorite wax melts, and enjoy the fragrance without worrying about cleanup. You can easily switch scents before all the fragrance is gone by allowing the wax to cool and removing the hardened wax tart, saving it for another time.


Crafted from high-quality, heat-resistant material, our liners withstand the heat of melting wax without compromising performance. No more wasting cotton balls or gingerly placing your melt tray in the freezer!


Each package contains 10 wax melter liners, in assorted colors.

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