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Custom-Poured Holly Pots Candle

Custom-Poured Holly Pots Candle


Lakehouse Candle Company is thrilled to be collaborating with Holly Pots Stoneware for a one-of-a-kind candle experience. Together, we’re bringing you the perfect combination of fragrance and art.


Here’s how it works: You choose your favorite scent from our collection, and we’ll pour it into one of Holly Pots’ gorgeous pottery containers. The containers come in various beautiful colors and finishes, and the candle will be white, creating a beautiful contrast that will look fantastic in any space. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of handmade art and craftsmanship. Please indicate your fragrance choice in the comments box when you check out.


Each candle is approximately 6 oz. of 100% soy wax. This means that, once your candle is burned out, you can easily clean and reuse your HollyPot piece! Like all handmade items, pots will have variation and irregularities that add character and make each piece a distinct creation. Colors may vary from pictures, depending on monitor display.

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